Termini e Condizioni d’uso

Welcome in the services of Martielli & Associates Firm (hereinafter Firm), a virtual place to manage your online data through the Web.

The Firm enhances the freedom of expression and communication of its users, but requires that such freedom is used within the limits of what is permissible and doesn’t offend others. Registration requires the inclusion of the information required to be treated in strict accordance with the “Privacy Code”.

The general terms and conditions set out below (the “Terms and Conditions” or “CGS”) apply to all Services (such as better specified and referred to as “Services” or individually “Service”) provided by the Firm, with its registered offices in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 60 – Bari.

The use of the Services is permitted to a registered user who has:

  1. a) read the Statement concerning the processing of personal data and consented to the processing of data;
  2. b) accepted the General Terms and Conditions.

The General Conditions will also be applicable to the Services that will be provided in the future by the Firm unless it is otherwise specified at registration or at the first delivery of the new service. The Firm reserves the right to modify these Terms and to add, change or remove, at its discretion and at any time, Services and / or contents of the Site in the manner described below.

The user can check and print on paper at any time the current text of the General Conditions at the service’s description page on this website.

The user agrees to print and keep on paper, or in an adequate support, the General Conditions.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 7 and 12 of the Legislative Decree n. 70 of 9.4.2003, the Firm shall notify users with the following information: the provider of services subject to the General Conditions is the Lawyer Martielli Vito Antonio, with registered offices in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 60 – Bari. VAT: 03279680726; email: vmartielli@datasrl.com

  1. Definitions

In these Terms and General Conditions (hereinafter GTC), the following terms have the meanings specified below:

– User: a registered user who accepted the terms and conditions for access to the service, assuming the rights and obligations described therein.

– Service: The service, provided by the Firm, consisting of a computer system, made available to the User via the Internet, to consult his data and documents. The User benefits from the service through the use of a Web space allocated to him, accessible by using the Internet browser and connect to the Internet without the need to install additional programs.

– Web space: sharing of information system resources of _________  with dedicated space on the hard disk of the server which is dedicated to sharing services available to the user for the use  of their data.

– Hosting Service: service provided by Aruba.it and concerning web space only and exclusively in relation to website creation and management, administrative and accounting data, through its platform.

– Web Site: set of one or more web pages, available on the Internet, through the Service, to a web address (also referred to as Domain or URL), or to a third-level domain of ________, like, by way example: http://nomeSito.webportalexpress.com.

– Account: all personal data provided by the user during registration and then partly modifiable, data that specifically include username and password.

– Username or User ID: alphabetical or alphanumeric user ID code to use the service.

– Password: user-generated alphabetical or alphanumeric code, and assigned to the user to use the Service.

– Download: operation consisting in the download to your computer files or documents on the Site.

– Upload: operation that consists of inserting documents, files, images and text within the web space.- – —— Materials or Contents: data, documents, information, news, entered by the user on the Web Site, in any form (text, graphics, images, sound, video, etc.).

– Registration: procedure laid down in the site for account creation and collection of user data with explicit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Registration and delivery of services

2.1 Once successfully registered, the user will be sent to the email address provided a confirmation email.

  1. Registration, User Name and Password

3.1 The registration requires the inclusion of the information required to be treated in accordance with the Privacy Code. In completing the registration process, the User is obliged to provide their personal data accurately and truthfully. In particular, it is required that the e-mail address corresponds to the real one, as indispensable to receive information about the use of the Services and / or any changes thereto. The User also agrees to promptly update the personal information provided when registering so that they are constantly updated, complete and truthful.

3.2 Upon registration the User shall choose a password; the User has the right to change the password over and over again, following the instructions on the Site. The User agrees that Username and Password (for personal use) constitute the validation system his access to the Services and which are the only means to allow the User to access the Services. The User therefore acknowledges and agrees that all acts performed by using User ID and Password assigned to it shall be binding on him. He agrees to assume any responsibility in respect of the Firm or any third party for any acts carried out through User ID and password assigned to it. He must keep the User ID and Password in the strictest confidence and to keep the same with the utmost diligence.

  1. Suspension of service

4.1 The Firm reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the provision of the services necessary to technical interventions aimed at improving the quality of these services.

4.2 The Firm may, at any time, discontinue providing the Service if occur motivated security or privacy violations, on giving notice to the user.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the User

5.1 The User shall assume sole responsibility for all its activities within the Services and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Firm from any claims or threat relating to or arising from your use or misuse of the services.

5.2 The User undertakes to use the Firm only for lawful purposes and in accordance with law, regulations, customs and practices and not use the Firm for example for:

  1. a) to exchange or publish information or files or documents against morality and public order or with the purpose to offend, or damage directly or indirectly recipient from the information or third parties, or with methods and/or content that is offensive, abusive, defamatory, or such as to contravene directly or indirectly by the laws of the Italian State or any other State;
  2. b) treat personal information of third parties unlawfully.

5.3.The User assumes any and wider responsibility for the download operations that might make using the Services and Materials uploaded into the web space at his disposal.

5.4 Are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of the Service actions and activities that include, without setting a limit, posting on the Web Site and / or web space and / or in any other contexts prepared by Firm, interactive content with reference to:

– Child pornography and / or sexually suggestive, obscene or related to prostitution;

– Material that infringes copyrights and copyright of others, pirated software ( “warez, CRACK”), music files, images, videos;

– Offensive or defamatory material against anyone, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity or threats;

– Material that promotes or provides information about illegal activities or that may cause injury to others;

– Software, information or other material that contains software viruses or harmful components;

– Initiatives related to gambling, contests, games that require costly participation without the authorizations provided for by law;

– Material not suitable for children under 18 years of age;

– Sale or promotion of products or services prohibited by law;

– Material or activity that violates or induce to violate any provision of law aimed at protecting private individuals or a legitimate rule enforced by the public authorities.

5.5 The User acknowledges that the Firm reserves the right to access, at any time and without notice, the Web and the Web space to verify compliance with the Terms and Conditions. The Firm reserves the right to immediately suspend the Service if, in its sole discretion, even after being notified by others, it considers conditions have been breached. The User acknowledges that the Firm, in compliance with its obligations under mandatory rules of law, can deliver the material posted on the web site or web space and / or reveal the contents to the competent authorities.

5.6 The User is legally responsible and liable to prosecution in connection with the Web Site Content. To enter the Content to the Web Site, he agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

5.7 If the Firm is recipient of legal actions by third parties relating to the activity or the use Services by a User, these expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Firm from any claim, action or injurious effect  associated with legal action, , binding themselves to pay back all expenses and to compensate for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the study as a result of such legal action. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the study from any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses suffered and/or incurred by third parties resulting from the use of our website and/or Web Space does not conform to the obligations provided for in the General conditions by sailors or by third parties which had permitted the use of its website and/or Web space , including any legal fees that may be incurred by the study, even in the event of damages claimed by third parties for any reason.

5.8 the user assumes all responsibility for any damage or harm that could be caused to themselves or to third parties from disclosure, theft, unauthorized disclosure to third parties of materials that he or others have entered into their web site and/or Web space.

  1. Duties and responsibilities of the Firm

6.1 The use of the Services is entirely at your own risk. The Firm makes no warranties and makes no promise of quality, smooth running or fitness of the services to an end or a particular result set by the user.

6.2 The firm is in no way responsible for any damages caused by inaccessibility to Services and / or hosted websites or delays, malfunctioning, suspension and / or interruption – neither towards the User or towards third parties directly or indirectly related to the User – in the delivery of the Service caused by:

  1. I) virus propagated and data theft caused by others;
  2. II) tampering or unauthorized intervention by the User or others on the Site or the Service or the equipment used by the Firm;

III) tampering or interventions on connection devices, which fall under the User’s availability, made by him or by unauthorized third parties;

  1. IV) incorrect use of the Service;
  2. V) connection used by the user of the equipment malfunction.

 6.3 The Firm takes no responsibility for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, caused to the user for any failure and / or malfunctioning of electronic equipment User or third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone connections and / or computer not managed by the Firm or persons for which it is responsible or otherwise attributable to causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, fire, natural disasters, lack of energy, non-availability of telephone connection lines  or other network service providers, malfunction of computers and other electronic devices, not even being an integral part of the Internet.

6.4 The firm assumes no responsibility for any damage or harm that might come to the User or to others as a result of downloading on the computer or other material of any kind which can be found on Web sites not directly provided by the Firm.

6.5 The firm is not responsible for the preservation and storage of materials placed in the web space and the User agrees to keep the same in electronic media.

6.6 The Firm undertakes to adopt all the instruments for the protection of materials, computer tools that conform to the State of the art and technology and to constantly update the same in order to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality to the user in using the service.

6.7 This site may contain links to other sites not belonging to the Firm. It should be noted that the content of these sites cannot be controlled by the Firm which, therefore, will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from the use thereof. It is understood that the link does not imply any endorsement on the part on the Firm on the content of these sites to which it links. In particular, the Firm will not be responsible for any violation of law or the rights of third parties arising from the content of the listed sites.

The Firm is not responsible for any breach of copyright, trademark or privacy rights that arises from access to a site linked to this site.

  1. Assistance

7.1 The Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding and barring any suspension for maintenance, in which case the Firm undertakes to restore any service interruptions as quickly as possible.